From Qualified Teams to Finalists: The Assessment at Technology Gate 2

Wave Energy Prize

The purpose of the Wave Energy Prize’s Technology Gate 2 (TG2) is to evaluate the likelihood of each Qualified Team’s success in achieving the ACE threshold (the doubling of the state-of-the-art ACE from 1.5 m/$M to 3 m/$M) if they were to test a larger, 1/20th scale model of their device in the MASK Basin. Those that present a high likelihood of achieving the ACE threshold will, through a rigorous judging process during TG2, be deemed Finalists.

As specified in the Wave Energy Prize Rules, TG2 will evaluate Qualified Teams using several metrics, as detailed below:

  1. As a first step in the evaluation process, judges will consider each Qualified Team’s Model Design and Construction Plan to determine if the team exhibits a reasonable understanding of the effort, tasks, timeline and materials that will be needed to design and build a 1/20th scale model. The assessment criteria for the Model Design and Construction Plans can be found in the table below:
    Criterion Narrative Document Timing Plan Bill of Materials
    To score a “Pass” Assessment The document illustrates a concise and thought out plan describing how the Team will successfully design and construct a 1/20th scale model in the allotted timeframe A detailed Gantt chart or similar timeline graphic shows the tasks that the Team plans to complete in the allotted timeframe The provided BoM template document is filled out with a logical breakdown of systems, subsystems, assemblies, and components along with actual or predicated quantity, mass, cost, supplier data for each item
    To score a “Fail” Assessment No document provided or a document that shows a significant lack of understanding of the phases, tasks, and/or steps needed to design and build a scale model No document provided or the provided document shows a significant lack of understanding the tasks and timeline needed to complete the build of a scale model. No document provided, document provided is not in the approved template form or the provided document shows a significant lack of understanding the materials to build and test a scale model

    Only teams that provide credible plans will be eligible to continue in the Prize.

  2. If the judging panel determines that a Qualified Team’s Model Design and Construction Plan is credible, i.e. if it is given a “pass,” it will then use the following information to evaluate the likelihood of the proposed wave energy converter (WEC) concept in satisfying the required threshold value for ACE during the 1/20th scale testing:
    • The capture width of the physical 1/50th scale model from the 1/50th scale testing, scaled up to full scale.
    • Assessment by the judges of the correlations between numerical model predictions and measurements for capture widths and device motions.  Predictions are at full scale for 1/50 wave conditions; experimental measurements from 1/50 test campaign are scaled up to full scale.
    • Revised Technical Submission and its re-evaluation using the Technology Performance Level rubric used in TG1.
    • Predictions of ACE (in m/$M) that can be expected in the MASK Basin testing.
    Criterion Capture Width of the Physical 1/50th Scale Model from 1/50th Scale Testing, Scaled up to Full Scale Correlation of Numerical Modeling Results to 1/50th Scale Waves Re-Evaluation of Technical Submission using TPL Predictions of ACE Expected in MASK Basin
    Value range 1 to 9 grouped in low, medium, high 1 to 9 grouped in low, medium, high 1 to 9 grouped in low, medium, high 1 to 9 grouped in low, medium, high
    Weighting for combined score 15% 25% 30% 30%

    The judges will score each of the above four criteria on a scale of 1 to 9. Then, they will calculate an overall combined score by computing a weighted average of the four individual scores.

    Qualified Teams will then be ranked from the highest overall combined score down to the lowest; up to 10 will be named Finalist Teams and up to two Alternate Teams will be identified.

    If the judges and/or Small-Scale Test Facilities are unable to test, measure and analyze the 1/50th scale WEC device in order to adequately determine absorbed power, the device will be eliminated from the Wave Energy Prize.

For more information on the assessment of the construction plan, evaluation of the four criteria, and the weighting of each as part of the overall combined score, please see the Wave Energy Prize Rules.