The #WaveEnergyPrize begins next week!

What is the Wave Energy Prize?

The Wave Energy Prize begins next week! Visit on 4/1/15 to register!


Team Registration for the Wave Energy Prize Opens Soon

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Registration for the ‪#‎WaveEnergyPrize‬ opens (very!) soon. Visit for details.

Wave Energy Prize General Presentation Now Available on SlideShare

Our general presentation is now available to view, download and share on SlideShare. (Don’t forget, the public comment period for the draft version of the Wave Energy Prize Rules ends this Friday.)

You’re In Luck! Wave Energy Prize Rules (Draft), FAQs, Timeline Updated; Cash Prize Amounts Announced; and More

Wave Energy Prize - You're In Luck

Luck is with you today! As part of the public comment period* for the draft version of the Wave Energy Prize Rules, we’ve also updated our FAQs. Those, plus a revised timeline of important dates, are on our website.

Luckier still, we’ve shared our general presentation on SlideShare.

Luckiest of all, we’ve announced our cash prize amounts in the Rules as well as in the FAQ! Sign up for the ‪#‎WaveEnergyPrize‬ e-newsletter on our website to receive these and other updates, or request your copy of the March edition today!

* Ends this Friday at 11:59:59 pm ET. Send your comments ASAP!

Wave Energy Prize Draft Rules Posted for Public Comment

Wave Energy Prize Rules Draft Public Comment Period Now Open

With registration for the Wave Energy Prize set to kick off next month, the Prize Administration Team has posted a DRAFT version of the Wave Energy Prize Rules for public comment.

The rules draft can be found on our website. Please be advised that the public comment period is short, so submit your comments on the website by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on Friday, March 20, 2015 to ensure your voice is heard!

The final, official set of the Wave Energy Prize rules will be published on once registration opens in April.

Wave Energy Prize Timetable

Calendar icon - Important Dates for Wave Energy PrizeAs registration approaches, some of you may be seeking more information about the timeline of the Wave Energy Prize. Below are important milestones for participating teams. It’s important to note that these are tentative and may be adjusted; we will publish a finalized timetable in the Wave Energy Prize Rules when they are posted in April. Tentatively, key dates for potential teams to consider are:

April 2015: Registration for the Wave Energy Prize opens online. The Wave Energy Prize Rules and the Wave Energy Prize Terms and Conditions will also be posted on the website at this time. Once we approve your registration, we will send you the Technical Submission package and instructions to access the section of the website that is reserved for participants.

June 15, 2015: Wave Energy Prize Registration closes; announcement of official Registered Teams to follow.

July 15, 2015: Design submission deadline.

July 16—August 13, 2015: A Technical Expert Judging Panel reviews design submissions and promotes qualified designs to the next level of design/development.

August 14, 2015: Announcement of Qualified Teams.

August 14—January 29, 2016: Each Qualified Team develops a small-scale model, demonstrating proof-of-concept via 1/50th scaled prototype testing, validated WEC performance, numerical simulations, and/or any design stage wave tank testing results. Qualified Teams then submit their designs for review.

January 29, 2016: Results of small-scale testing and associated documentation/results due to Wave Energy Prize administration.

March 1, 2016: Up to 10 Finalists and Alternates announced; seed funding distribution begins to Finalists.

March 1—July 2016: Finalists and Alternates procure and construct 1/20th scaled prototype WEC devices for tank testing.

June 15, 2016: Finalists and Alternates submit build progress and test readiness reports.

July 1, 2016: Announcement of Finalists who will proceed to testing at the Carderock MASK basin facility in Maryland.

August 1-October 10, 2016: Finalists’ 1/20th scaled prototypes are test and evaluated at the Carderock MASK basin facility.

November 2016: Awards ceremony with announcement of winning team(s).

You can also refer to the full timeline at in the “Dates” tab.

To learn more about the Wave Energy Prize, please contact us with any inquiries or visit our website. To stay up-to-date on the latest Wave Energy Prize news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.