ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2015 a Success for Wave Energy Prize

For the clean-energy industry, February brings one of its most anticipated annual conferences, the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit. This conference, held earlier this week in Maryland, unites professionals from varied technical disciplines and communities to think about America’s energy challenges in new and innovative ways. It also aims to move disruptive energy technologies out of the lab and into the marketplace.

Wave Energy Prize at #ARPAE15

For these reasons, the ARPA-E Summit was a perfect opportunity to promote the Wave Energy Prize, and we were proud to take part. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) booth in the Technology Showcase to learn more about the upcoming prize challenge.

“The Wave Energy Prize is an important Energy Department initiative designed to achieve game-changing improvements in the efficiency of wave energy conversion (WEC) devices,” said Alison LaBonte, Ph.D., Marine and Hydrokinetic program manager in the Wind and Water Power Technologies Office, who briefed attendees on the prize during a Wednesday afternoon session. “It was great to see the Prize met with such enthusiasm from the energy community, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new and innovative ideas they bring to the table as the challenge gets underway.”

Whether you are a potential competitor, financial sponsor, or just curious about WEC devices, we invite you to stay tuned as registration opens and the Wave Energy Prize gets underway!


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